Tinos, the "queen" of the Cyclades

Tinos, the "queen" of the Cyclades

Tinos, the "queen" of the Cyclades

Tinos, the "queen" of the Cyclades

Tinos is the only island of the Cyclades that is not only in our mind but also in our hearts. It is one of the most important religious landmarks in Greece. Therefore, a strong reason to visit Tinos is the religious feeling and the expectation to get to know, to worship and to gain power from the Virgin of Tinos. Everybody knows it as the island of the Blessed Virgin. Others call it a "holy island" of the Cyclades.

The first excursion to Tinos

The first excursion to Tinos is usually short and has a pilgrimage character. The only thing that precedes anyone except the pilgrimage to the holy temple of Panagia Evangelistria is the first acquaintance with Tinos Town. And there comes the realization that one day is a little for the beautiful "queen" of the Cyclades. Of course, this thought has begun to concern you with the entrance of the ship to the port of Tinos, as you face high above the magnificent church of Panagia in a dominant position in the center of the city and the amphitheatrical embroidery formed by the imposing mountainous traditional settlements of Tinos around the embrace of the Country. The positive energy immediately floods you and the desire to get to know the place better becomes something like "repellent." You want to explore it's secrets, to explain why it causes you such strong emotions, but only a daily visit to Tinos does not leave that room. And then you make the big decision .. I'll just be back for a holiday in Tinos.

Culture, architecture, history, hospitality in Tinos

Of course, it is not only the scene and the feeling that you are attracted to visiting this Cycladic island again and again, it is the culture, the architecture, the history, the relief coastline and, above all, the warmth and hospitable mood shown by the inhabitants of Tinos at every opportunity. For them, the visitor is not a tourist he is a guest who must acquire a steady love relationship with the island and will be the good messenger of an excellent reception and hospitality. That is why the highest priority for the locals is the accommodation quality, the guided tour, the initiation of the visitors to the customs of Tinos and their integration into the various cultural events and local festivals.

Tinos cuisine

From our experiences, we couldn't miss the delight of the local gastronomy of Tinos, which is based on the use of pure local raw materials of the agricultural and livestock production of the island.

In recent years, the inclusion of more local products in the gourmet cuisine and the creative appearance of their taste have led Tinos to the top positions of the gastronomic destinations of the Aegean and Greece.

What else do you want to make the decision for an amazing trip to Tinos when the host is the "queen" of the Cyclades?

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