Breakfast in Tinos Suites & Apartments

Breakfast in Tinos Suites & Apartments

It is widely known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it contributes to physical and mental wellness but also builds a good mood, which is our priority. Rich in nutrients, our breakfast is based on the principles of the “Greek breakfast” and includes fresh dishes prepared in our kitchen every day.

Healthy and hearty, the breakfast served at Tinos Suites & Apartments  combines wonderful tastes based exclusively on traditional Greek recipes by mainly taking advantage of local goods from Tinos. Carefully selected materials of high nutritional value are combined in such a way that they cover all the modern nutritional needs to fuel your day with energy.

Wholesome, filling, hand-made and seasonal with excellent-quality fresh ingredients, breakfast is served either in our traditionally decorated breakfast area or in the verandah.

Among others, our breakfast menu alternates with:

  • Traditional Greek bread (horiatiko) and assorted baked goods
  • Pure Greek flower or thyme honey
  • Crunchy grilled bread with olive spreading, Greek feta cheese, local tomatoes and oregano
  • Assorted home-made jams from fresh fruit such as quince, cherry, apple, watermelon, pear, peach, carrot, kiwi etc.
  • Greek feta cheese or local cheese varieties from Tinos, yellow cheese & assorted cold cuts to be combined with tomato, cucumber and olives from Tinos
  • A variety of pies based on our chef’s inspiration every day. There can be milk-pie, cheese-pie, herb-pie, local pie with aubergine and peppers, leak-pie, zucchini-pie, batzina (a traditional pie from Thessaly) etc.
  • Sandwiches and toasted sandwiches
  • Local spoon sweets like fig, melon, grapes, cherry or watermelon
  • Local fresh strained yoghurt
  • Eggs from local farmers served in omelet, boiled or fried with sausages and green peppers, or French toast
  • Three different kinds of Greek cookies and choco chip or cranberry biscuits
  • Pasta flora, Greek semolina halva & aromatic Greek delights from Tinos
  • Two different kinds of home-made cakes or tasty traditional cinnamon pie with sesame
  • Excellent quality butter or margarine
  • Scrumptious puddings: chocolate, vanilla, rice pudding scented with lemon etc.
  • Tea and other scented beverages, filtered coffee or any other type of coffee on demand for an extra charge
  • Orange juice, milk, nutella, fresh fruit & breakfast cereals

If you are looking for a B&B in Tinos, our own family business is the best option because it takes good care of its guests starting from the beginning of the day by serving a homemade Greek breakfast.

Since breakfast is essentially the basic meal during your holidays in order to get enough energy for a day full of activities, action and adventure enjoy yourselves without being concerned and allow us to spoil you.

We’re expecting you 8:00-10:00 at our hotel buffet for a morning taste experience along with a cup of strong aromatic coffee.

Have a nice day…

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